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Popzaar is more than just a marketplace.

It is a journey to find what’s worth finding: both within oneself & the external world. It’s a voyage to find your voice amongst all the noise. It’s decluttering your wardrobe to make space for pieces that matter. It’s about making a difference & supporting everything grown at home. 

We, at Popzaar handpick every product to help design your style of expression while also educating you on latest & forthcoming trends in the world of fashion. We hope that your experience with Popzaar will lead to personal growth & empower you to experiment. Our team of stylists are constantly on the lookout for up & coming designers and filtering out quality products for you.

While we help you find what’s worth finding, we also want to help these phenomenal brands be found for their creations. 

All in all, in this journey of discovery, we simply hope to be the middleman between you & your untapped potential.


“A Conversation”

It all started when Himmat, a businessman & sartorial enthusiast, reached out to Shagun, a fashion stylist, creative director & brand consultant. At this stage, she was verifying his LinkedIn account, while he was still speaking to a few similar candidates.

And then the conversation happened: two fashion and art lovers spoke about everything from bridging gaps to representing India globally as a market of  evergrowing fashion. Their burning desire to create something that made a difference, ignited a fire that sealed the deal. There was clarity of thought on what's to come for Popzaar, and both founders shared the same vision: They firmly believed that great stylists are architects in the fashion industry. After all, they play a crucial role in shaping the fashion industry's trends and aesthetics, as they are always working closely with designers to create cohesive collections.

“The Oath”

After many discussions, a document was created, titled "Guidelines," which was more like a pledge from the founders to prioritise quality above all. These guidelines became the very first building block to the all encompassing unit that Popzaar was fated to become. It included everything from selection processes, design & imagery standards, to culture & team formation.

“Core Team”

The essence of Popzaar's styling philosophy came together when a group of young stylists joined forces, united by one trait: they were not just stylists, but creative visionaries who could manage everything from creative direction to graphic design to social media. As they worked together, Popzaar evolved into a brand of their own, a creative world seen through their kaleidoscope. To recognize their multifaceted skill set and unwavering commitment to innovation, Popzaar coined a new position for these ingenious teleporters: the Creative Stylist.

“A Magnifying Lens”

In order to pay attention to detail, they seemed to carry a microscope in their pockets  wherever they went. And that’s where the magic began: they were obsessed with what they saw & experienced. This was their “archeologist era” & they kept digging deeper into the fashion history archives to learn more. 

“Age of Collaboration”

But this era was bound to end. Stylists are not used to sitting in one place & they don’t prefer to. Hungry to create, they decided to extend their vision to the outside world for the first time as Team Popzaar: They started creating concepts & collection ideas & reached out to various designers & brands.

However, it wasn't easy to explain what Popzaar was all about and build trust with these designers. They faced challenges in getting outfits for their first shoot, but the team was determined to make it a hit. As time went by, more and more brands, designers, and creators began to recognize Popzaar for their work and the community they had built. 

The Age of Collaboration gave life & colour to Popzaar's core, solidifying their vision and strengthening their place in the fashion industry.

“The Concept of Perfection” 

As young creatives, Team Popzaar prioritised perfection in their work. It was easy to get lost in the little details and lose sight of the bigger picture. Their vision demanded nothing short of excellence in every aspect, from the brands they partnered with to the design language & functionality of their website.

“Hurdle after hurdle after hurdle”

Everything seemed to be falling apart. Trial after trial, all they encountered were errors. They couldn't have predicted the technical challenges they would face. These were frustrating times for the entire team. Their vision needed to be interpreted somehow, and they refused to take no for an answer, at least most of the time. After all, they had committed to delivering quality. 

But reality hit hard. As bootstrappers, they had limited resources and had to embrace an imperfect launch. They learned that there is beauty and vulnerability in imperfection. It was finally time to open up to the world and unveil everything they had been working on.

“Let’s just launch”

The team had been tested and strengthened by all the obstacles they faced. They no longer feared the unknown. Now, they were armed and ready to face the world. This is Popzaar: a journey to find what's worth finding, embracing imperfections and incompleteness on the paths they carved, taking the road less travelled.

“To be continued….”

We aim to document every step of the way as we pursue our dream of enriching lives by helping you discover what’s worth finding. Consider this not-so-personal diary as a celebration of our little wins along the journey.

Join us and be a part of our journey! 


Himmat Singh Kang


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!"
- Leonardo Da Vinci

While commercial markets are churning under the reins of capitalism, Himmat Singh Kang believes in the magic of slow and growing fashion. A businessman, sartorial enthusiast and advocate of conscious fashion, our Founder & CEO is committed to uncovering the missing piece.

Shagun Joshi


"People respond more to feelings than technique; that's the power of passion."
- Marcel Duchamp

Anchored by her impulse to experience art more intimately, our Co-Founder & Creative Head Shagun Joshi is driven to declutter the present fashion culture in India with her strong visual sense. A creative sponge and curious learner, she strongly believes in pushing the potential of art and design over the ever-expanding commercial market.

Fateh Singh Kang


"To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions"
- Stephen R Covey

In an avid affair with vintage fashion, our COO Fateh Singh Kang desires to preserve all that's so easily lost in the sea of fickle options. Choosing the road less travelled, he aims to be the catalyst that uplifts the stance of homegrown labels in our competitive industry.


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